Death of Whale Shark – STOP! Shark Finning Now!


The Whale Shark is very unusual and quite different from the other species that are out there.

On the morning of 15 February, An 18-foot long whale shark (Rhincodon typus), de-finned and fighting for life, was found floating belly-up amidst the rough waters of Bahay Kambing, a sheltered cove in the municipality of Tingloy.

Its twin pairs of dorsal and pectoral fins were neatly and deliberately sliced off – the soft, white flesh glistening in the morning rays.

Rope and knife-marks were evident all over its tail – mercifully too think to cut through.

The whale shark is always targeted by commercial and artisan fisheries. As we all know, the greatest cause is the growing demand for shark fin soup (Shark fin soup has been a Chinese delicacy since the Ming Dynasty). However, Shark fins contain high levels of poisonous mercury and this Mercury is a dangerous poison to humans that enters the oceans from pollution.

Please take pride and honor in recreating a balance to our ecosystem. Stop Drinking Sharpfin Soup. Love Life!!! Save the Ocean, Save the World !!!

Reference from WWF Philiphine & Pic by HK Diver

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4 thoughts on “Death of Whale Shark – STOP! Shark Finning Now!

  1. I hate it when some old ppl still wants the dish to be in the wedding dinners list. They says it will gave them face. They simply don’t understand we can’t breed sharks like we breed chickens.

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