Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

Tips to Improve People Skills

Life, work, and relationships are important, and require serious attention. But don’t be so serious about everything that you don’t laugh, smile, or be happy. If you take yourself too seriously, others will begin to look at you as someone with whom they have to do business, but not someone they want to be around regularly.

You know people like this. Take rank, for example. He takes everything so seriously that he never cracks a smile, never tells a joke, never lightens up enough to talk about ballgame over the weekend or the things his kids are doing in school. He’s always on task, focused on the mission, business all the time. He’s likable guy, but he’s so intense that most people can only take him in small doses. He’s just no fun to be around!

Dont be that way. Be one of those people you want to be around.

People like others with whom they enjoy interacting regularly. Be one of those people.

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