How to Maintain A Relationship?

10 Rules to maintain a relationship

There are 10 simple rules to maintain a relationship. Perhaps, to own a relationship is simple but to maintain a relationship is not as simple as what we think. There is no manual to read a person mind or to understand a person. However, here some simple rules that applies to most of the couples.

1. Don’t simply say breakup while arguing

2. Don’t compare your ex with him/her
3. Forget and Forgive

4. Remember All the important dates
5. Listen to him/her
Listen to him/her
6. Forget about Pride
forget pride
7. Give more space and freedom
Free Life
8. Remember to say Thank You
Thank You
9. Express Your Love and Gratitude
Love and Gratitude
10. One day One Kiss

Enjoy The Love – Good Luck

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