What Man Should Have By 30 ?

10 Things Man should have by 30

Recently, I’ve been reading an article from Mary King regarding what man and women should do by 30. She has inspired me to write what man should have by 30. Base on my own experience and certain strong points from that article, I’ve included a summary of the 10 things Man should have by 30.

Here are the 10 Things

Hurt someone who love you
Someone love you but you don't love someone

Someone has hurt you deeply
Hurt by someone
In fact, it teach us a good lessons and help us grow to new levels of strength and maturity. Here, An article by me ” Every Difficult Relationships has a lesson

Own philosophy of Life – Your living style
Own philosophy of life
Selected Inspirations Quotes / philosophy of Life from Bruce Lee

At least One best friend
Good Friend

The big failure – Life /Career
The big failure
Befriending Your Failure, juts like Befriending Your Fears

Enemy / Hater
Love your enemies, they teach you a lot.

Formal Suit and Shoes – To Attend Big events
Suit and Shoes

Driving License

Branded Watch
Branded watch

Porn videos (VCD/DVD/Clips)
Porn Video
Agree or not ?

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