(March 2020) Malaysia citizenship renunciation – Withdrawing EPF

KWSP – Leaving The Country

After a long wait, my EPF funds are successfully transferred to my OCBC bank account. And, I am pleased to share with you how I withdraw my EPF in KWSP Johor Bahru 2020. The reason I specific KWSP JB branch as different branches might work differently. Meanwhile, post regarding Renounce Malaysian Citizenship In Singapore 2019 can click here! 

1 March 2020
First, update my passport number into my OCBC bank account but fail to proceed as I didn’t bring my original Certificate of Singapore Citizenship. Then, I do it the following week. To sum up, you need to bring original copies of
1. Certificate of Singapore Citizenship
2. Passport
3. Borang K
4. Singapore NRIC
Updating of OCBC bank account information will take 3 working days.

Before heading to KWSP, What to bring
1. Borang Pengeluaran KWSP 9K (AHL)
2. Singapore passport
3. Singapore passport photocopy
4. Borang K
5. Borang K photocopy
*This is for ex-citizen, for others kindly refer to their checklist.

15 March 2020 – KWSP Johor Bahru
1. Fill out the form (Pindaan Rekod Ahli) given by the officer.
– To update your Singapore passport number and Singapore NRIC number.
2. After filling up the form, the queue number will be given.
3. Next, Submit all the documents as stated above and the original copies will be returned afterward.
4. Last, you will receive two receipts as shown below.

Receipt #1 – Account Update

Receipt #2 –  EPF Withdraw

All in all, settled within 45 minutes.
3 Days later Malaysia Movement Control Order.
30 May 2020 – Passport number updated. You can check through their app or KWSP website.
23 June 2020 – Funds Received and KWSP account deactivate.

Please always refer to KWSP website as it may change from time to time.

If you have any questions, comment below.

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5 thoughts on “(March 2020) Malaysia citizenship renunciation – Withdrawing EPF

  1. HI, can i check with you if the OCBC is your account in Malaysia or Singapore? Do they have the option to allow me to transfer to another person in Malaysia?

    1. Sorry for late reply. I’m using Malaysia OCBC account. As far as I know, you cant transfer to another person in Malaysia as it will base on your passport number.
      There are 3 mode of payment in the form. 1/ direct banking, 2. Banker’s Cheque and 3.Foreign Demand Draft. If you dont have malaysia accpunt you might opt for option 3 in section C of Form KWSP 9K (AHL)

  2. Hi, you are so lucky just done everything before the movement control order. I am stuck at this part and i have yet to receive email from Malaysia High Comm for collection of Form K. Is it a must to go to KWSP counter personally for the withdrawal process as of now are restricted to go back Malaysia. Is it possible to do it online? Thanks.

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