(SEPT 2019) Renounce Malaysian Citizenship in Singapore

Singapore Citizenship Approved 2018

Due to the recent request from my friend, here I would like to share about my process from Singapore citizenship approved until the renouncing of Malaysia citizenship in Singapore with a timeline.

8 December 2018 

Finally, I received a Letter of APPROVAL-IN-PRINCIPLE for Singapore Citizenship. Hence, the next step will be Singapore Citizenship (SC) Journey which comprises three compulsory components:
(a) e-journey
(b) Singapore Experiential Tour
(c) Community Sharing Session.
* The SC Journey has to be completed within 2 months.

The Singapore Citizen Journey
My all three components completed on 16 Jan 2019

24 Jan 2019
Received a letter from ICA regarding my final step of the Singapore Citizenship application.
Step 1: Renounce your Malaysian Citizenship at the Malaysia High Commission Singapore.
Step 2: Report to ICA to take Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance, and Loyalty. (You can apply for SG passport after that)

* For step 2: You can reschedule your appointment via eAPPT@ICA
* The final step has to be completed within 2 months.

Renounce Malaysia Citizenship in Singapore
Photo High Commission of Malaysia

Before heading to the High Commission of Malaysia, things to prepare/bring.
1. Singapore citizenship approval letter from ICA and 2 Photocopies.
2. Malaysia NRIC and 2 Photocopies front and back (no return).
3. Singapore blue NRIC and 2 Photocopies front and back.
4. Birth certificate (laminated) and 2 Photocopies front and back (return during the collection of K-Form).
5. Malaysia Passport (no return).
6. 3x passport photos with a white background.
7. SGD 10.00 cash (Please bring the exact amount).
8. Filled up MY-RN1 form.
9. Filled up Form K (borang K).

The forms can be downloaded at https://www.kln.gov.my/web/sgp_singapore/forms

11 Feb 2019 – High Commission of Malaysia, Singapore

High Commission of Malaysia - Working Hours

Address: Address: 301 Jervois Rd, Singapore 249077
Phone: (65)6235 0111

Reached the High Commission of Malaysia around 8:30 am. Exchange for a visitor pass with my SG driving license. Next, I quickly headed to the consular office (all the way to the right).

Luckily, only a short queue. While entering the room, the officer will go through all the documents included my filled up MY-RN1 form and borang k. Afterward, he passed me a set of forms (renunciation of Malaysian citizenship, K form, and additional info) in yellow to fill up.

After filling up, get verified, and thumbprint onto my yellow K form. Subsequently, a queue number will be given. Roughly about 20 minutes, my turn to hand over all the documents and wait for the payment (SGD10 cash) at another counter. After all, I was given a collection slip to collect Form MY-RN1 3 days later. The collection time is between 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm as shown below.

collection slip (pink slip) Form MY-RN1

14 Feb 2019 – High Commission of Malaysia, Singapore
After 3 working days from the document submitted to the High Commission of Malaysia, I went back to collect my documents. Reach there around 2.30 pm and pass the collection slip to the left counter at the consular room. Next, wait for my turn to collect
– MY-RN1 form
– Photocopy birth certificate.
– An official receipt of my previous paid SGD 10.00 as shown below.
Official receipt  SGD 10.00 Government of Malaysia

20 Feb 2019 – Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
Report to ICA to take Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance, and Loyalty. The date was previously rescheduled by me through the app.
Things to bring
1. MY-RN1 form
2. Photocopy birth certificate with a stamp by Malaysia High Commision
3. Singapore Blue NRIC
4. 4 x Passport photo

Once payment has been made, get a collection slip of NRIC (temporary pink IC).

6 May 2019
Received a letter for the CITIZENSHIP CEREMONY on 15 June 2019. So, I can finally receive my Singapore NRIC on that day.

15 June 2019
Singapore Citizenship Ceremony.

19 Sep 2019
Received an email from Consular Division, High Commission of Malaysia <consular4@mhc.org.sg> for the collection of Form K.
Things to bring
1. Printed email.
2. Singapore NRIC
3. Singapore Passport (bio-data page only);
4. Singapore Citizenship Certificate (to photocopy front and back of document);
5. Acknowledgement Slip (MY-RN1 Form)
* Original & two (2) clear photocopies each in A4 size paper.
* Consular Section between 2.30pm to 4.00pm only, Monday to Friday within two (2) weeks from the date of that email.

23 Sep 2019 – High Commission of Malaysia, Singapore
Reached High Commission of Malaysia around 2:30 pm. Slightly long queue this time. After half an hour, informing the officer to collect K-Form and pass him all the documents. Next, wait for your name to be called. To collect
1. Original Yellow Form K (Borang K).
2. Original Malaysia Birth Certificate.

24 Sep 2019 – Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
The next day, I handed a photocopy of my K-Form to the counter (level 7). Do not need to make any appointment. Everything here within 10 minutes. The End!

Any Questions regarding Renounce Malaysian Citizenship in Singapore? Comment below.

To Withdrawing EPF refer to this post https://shawnliv.com/malaysia-citizenship-renunciation-withdraw-epf-2020/

Map of High Commission of Malaysia, Singapore

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  1. Do they require the latest Malaysian birth cert (the green copy in A4 size) or they still accept the old birth cert? Thanks.

      1. Hi Dear, may i know how to laminate the birth cert? is it place it in the middle in a A4 laminate filler? or as long as it was originally already keep in a transparent plastic . thank you

  2. Does Malaysia issue an official letter of renunciation of Malaysia citizenship by mail after we got back our original birth certificate fr high commission? I renounced my citizenship ard the same time as you. I didn’t receive any but heard somebody who did so 5 years back had such letter. Thank you.

      1. Thanks Shawn for the reply. Another quick one, for the passport photo to submit to High Comm, do you remember which size that you use? Apparently Malaysia passport photo size is slightly different from Singapore so I am not sure whether I need separate size for the submission to High Comm and ICA….

  3. Hi Shawn, i had got my Singapore Citizenship last year Dec. But till today i have yet to receive the email from High Comm Malaysia for collection of Form K. I am stuck here and do not know how to withdraw my EPF from KWSP. Could you share with me more about the withdrawal process? Thanks.

  4. Thank you for this helpful guide, do you leave your Singapore Blue NRIC with them during the first visit to MHC? Or they check and give you back?

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