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Travel : Turkey Welcome ShawnLiv – Part1

9 Days 7 Nights in Turkey Turkey (The Republic of Turkey)is a contiguous transcontinental parliamentary republic largely located in Western Asia with the portion of Eastern Thrace in Southeastern Europe. Day 1 Singapore 9 Dec 2014 Depart at 1230 am by Turkish airline from Changi...

Simple Diet Tip : 7 Glasses of Plain Water

Health and Diet Tips – 7 Drinking Water Accordingly, a minimum of 7 Glasses of plain water per-day are able to help you to keep your weight First – 1st Glass After waking up – Helps activate internal organs.

Top 5 Lifestyle that Damage Your Brain

DO TAKE CARE YOUR BRAIN What kind of Lifestyle that Damage your brain ? Check it out the Top 5 Now! 1. Smoking Habits Keep smoking will causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease.

Healthy Eating: Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day in order for you to refuels your body and jump-starts your day For breakfast, you can choose from any sort of egg dish – hard-boiled eggs – omelets – crusltess quiche – bacon