Healthy Eating: Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day in order for you to refuels your body and jump-starts your day


For breakfast, you can choose from any sort of egg dish

– hard-boiled eggs
– omelets
– crusltess quiche
– bacon

You can choose to eat cheese or any other meat, or even vegetables. Leftovers of all kinds make great breakfasts. Feel free to be creative. Here are some suggestion:

1. A protein shake along with a handful of fresh berries and some nuts on the side.
2. A low-crab protein bar
3. Fiber crackers spread with cream cheese and low-crab fruit spread
4. Breakfast burritos, which are east to fashion ahead of time out of taco meat or spicy sausage paired with things like onions, peppers, black soybeans, scrambled eggs, and cheese inside of a low-crab tortilla or homemade egg crepe.

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