Travel : Turkey Welcome ShawnLiv – Part1

9 Days 7 Nights in Turkey

Turkey (The Republic of Turkey)is a contiguous transcontinental parliamentary republic largely located in Western Asia with the portion of Eastern Thrace in Southeastern Europe.

Day 1 Singapore 9 Dec 2014


Depart at 1230 am by Turkish airline from Changi Airport to Istabul Airport.

Assemble from Singapore Changi Airport to Istanbul.

1am : Suppertime!

After 7 hours, early morning around 6am (breakfast time)

Day 2 Istanbul – Canakkale 10 Dec 2014

After 11 hours, we finally reach Istanbul Atatürk Airport. In short, it is the biggest and the main international airport serving Istanbul, Turkey.

The weather was about 8°c to 11°c. Meanwhile, proceed to money charger for Lira.
Consequently, meet with our Turkey Tour Guide “Mr Atilla”

First visit to Hippodrome of Constantinople, which consists of 3 monumental columns and a fountain. Hippodrome comes from the Greek hippos, horse. During the Ottoman times, horse racing and chariot racing were very popular here. It’s now a city park called the At Meydanı (Horse Grounds) because of its function as mentioned above.


Next, about 5 minutes walk to Blue Mosque. Blue Mosque, also known as Mosque of Sultan Ahmet, which boasts a unique feature of 6 minarets.


The mosque is known as the Blue Mosque because of blue tiles surrounding the walls of interior design. It was built from 1609 to 1616, during the rule of Ahmed I.


Before enter to the Mosque, the visitors have to take off your shoes and put in plastic bags provided at the entrance (Free of Charge). Women have to wear a head covering when entering to Blue Mosque. Generally, it closed to non-worshippers during the five daily prayers.

Interior view of the Blue Mosque

Meanwhile, grab a local bread (1 Lira)

Next destination, about 6 minutes walk to Hagia Sophia Museum from Blue Mosque.


In brief, Hagia Sophia Museum is a former Greek Orthodox patriarchal basilica (church), later a mosque and now as a museum since 1 February 1935. It is a great architectural beauty and an important monument both for Byzantine and for Ottoman Empires.

Interior view of the Hagia Sophia, showing Islamic elements on the top of the main dome.

After visited Hagia Sophia Museum proceed to CITADEL Restaurant for lunch.


After lunch, drive along the coast to Canakkale. 2 hours later, stop for a Turkish Coffee break, pizza and a chocolate.


Last, we reach Tusan Hotel in Canakkale .Accordingly, it is a family-run hotel surrounded by a pine forest. As whole, the room was fine, authentic, well-maintained, clean and good connection of WiFi. However, the furniture’s a bit old.


End of Day 2

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