World Top companies slogans set to condoms

What If 10 Top companies slogans sponsoring condoms Imagine what if the world top companies sponsoring condoms with their slogans? Are their slogans perfectly fit into Condoms? Check it out here. Pringles – Once you pop, you can’t stop

Fengshui Tips : Mirrors and Bedroom Furniture

Mirrors and Bedroom Furniture Mirrors in the bedroom should never face the bed. When the sleeper’s spirit rises at night it will get a nasty shock coming face to face with its own image, which can be very disturbing to the serenity of the sleeper.

The philosophy of Yin and Yang

Practical Feng Shui : Yin and Yang In Taoist philosophy everything in the universe is either yin or yang – or a combination of both. It is believed that, from the Great Cosmos, energy, was generated that give birth to the heavens – yang –...

Yet Another 2009 Zodiac Forecast (Monkey,Rooster,Dog,Pig)

Yet Another 2009 Forecast for the year of Ox For Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. 猴 Monkey Born in: 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 Personality Lively, witty, inventive and intelligent, a fast learner with good memory. Good at problem solving but can be too...