The philosophy of Yin and Yang

Practical Feng Shui : Yin and Yang

In Taoist philosophy everything in the universe is either yin or yang – or a combination of both. It is believed that, from the Great Cosmos, energy, was generated that give birth to the heavens – yang – and the earth – yin. Ch’i flows from yang to yin.

The universe is in a state of constant change as that energy is altered from matter = yin = o spirit = yang – and back again.

As feng shui concerns energy management, it is important to know how yang and yin operate. They shouldn’t be seen as opposites, although they do have certain characteristics that might be taken that way: the yang principle is known as the male principle, whereas yin is the female.

However, nothing is ever entirely one or the other. The yin/yang symbol reflects this – in the white of the yang is the dot of dark yin, and in the black of the yin is the white dot of yang.

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