Fengshui Tips : Mirrors and Bedroom Furniture

Mirrors and Bedroom Furniture

Mirrors in the bedroom should never face the bed. When the sleeper’s spirit rises at night it will get a nasty shock coming face to face with its own image, which can be very disturbing to the serenity of the sleeper.

In fact, while mirrors are used frequently with very positive results throughout the rest of the home, fengshui tenets dictate a sparing use of them in the bedroom. One mirror – one that does not reflect the bed – is the maxims prescribed for this part of the house.

Bookcases, dressers, and other bedroom furniture should not be placed so that their shaped edges point toward the sleeper in the bed. The energy coming off the two planes that create the corner is dangerously fast and sharp. This constant bombardment with pointing rays of energy can be harmful to your healthy at the very least, it may cause irritability

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