The 4 circles of Entrepreneur Habits

Creative Thinking

Creativity can only be “created” if one is willing to “experience” out of the boundary. That means trying out new stuff. The love of trying out new or dare to be different means doing something that others have not TRIED or ‘do not dare to try’. Dare to be different attitude incorporates the wisdom of dare to fail. For e.g. 2 salesman went to Africa to see if they can sell shoes in Africa-on reaching the land of Africa, they saw no one wear shoes. The 1st salesman decides to catch the next plane back to his country as he have thought..since no one wears shoes then what’s the point of selling shoes here?? while the 2nd salesman starts calling on his mobile- “Please ship a truckload of shoes over here!!” There’s a big market over here and NO Competitor!! If the 2nd salesman is as KIASU as the 1st salesman, there will be no market for him to sell his shoes.

2. Think BIG!!
A successful entrepreneur not only thinks BIG but look far ahead. It is known that the Japanese can defeat the Americans in terms of consumer products is due to the fact that they look ahead 10 years down the road while the americans are short-sighted and deliberate on momonthly profits in the expense of capturing the “market”. 25 years ago, IBM was the largest IT firm in the world, who would have thought that a young small company that works in the garage will lead the IT industry today. That IT company is called MICROSOFT!! If Bill Gates did not think BIG and look far ahead…well IBM will still be the largest IT company today.

3. Dare to Sacrifice

This is not in the western philosophy of business world. Got to do with Asian thoughts of success. Remember, the only way to success is to sacrifice time and sweat into our committments and goals in live. Take e.g. everyone says Lim Goh Tong(LGT) is a crazy man to build a resort on a useless mountain in Genting in the 60s, all his friends have left him during that time. But LGT have got great vision and great vision comes with great responsibilities. At one time, he’s saddled with debts with up to 20 over letter of demands from lawyers everyday demanding to sue him of money owing to others. LGT went to great pain developing a resort in Genting. On seeing his freat vision, our ex-PM decides to give him a casino license for his efforts and his SACRIFICE pays off handsomely. Today LGT is many times a billionaire,and it will takes an ordinary man with a salary of 10K per month to work 100,000 months or 8,333 years to make the same money as LGT. What LGT have done is to sacrifice 15 years of building Genting resort and the rest is history.

4. Fast and Furious

Successful people never wait for time and opportunity, they grab it by chasing IT!! If we put Bill Gates, Jackie Chan and Ronaldo together,you may notice that all 3 of them have something in common, Fast and Furious characteristics. In the world of competitive rat-eat-rat environment, those who are slow will lose out. A successful entrepreneur strive on speed, chase goals and targets as if there’s no tomorrow and work on tasks like crazy with intensity second to none. e.g. Datuk Lim Goh Tong. This are the traits of a successful individual- focus on delivery, focus on details. If Wright brothers did not do the crazy thing of trying to fly by building a plane on the 18th century,there would not be Air-Asia today. As Tony Fernandaze says, the only way to survive is to be fast and furious, anything short of that is a failure.

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