Top 10 Fear to Change

The reason of Change

1. Because of the fear of the unknown we are afraid of change.

2. Change is to give up what we are now to become what we could be.

3. Without change, there will be no growth. Without growth you begin to die.

4.The only things that id constant is change.

5. Every single moment we are never the same.

6. The ‘you’ yesterday and the ‘you’ today is never the same.

7. Everything will continue to change. The only thing that won’t change will be requirement for you to perform.

8. Rapid changes require that we must have the ability to adapt quickly. To do this we must have the ability to learn fast.

9. The greatest hindrance to learning is to think “I know”

10. Not more than 20% of the people in the world will know how benefit from this hurricane of change in the new millennium.

Arthur: Billi Lim

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