Top 5 Categories of Fear

Categories of Fear

The Fear that holds you back from knowing and fulfilling your purpose is not physical fear. It is psychological fear. In other words, it is not an outside threat, but an internal threat. There are five major categories of psychological fear:

1. Failure

Being laughed at, not doing it right, not knowing how to do it, making a mistake, not being capable.

2. Success

Being overrun with the success, losing friends because of it, overworking or becoming a workaholic, gaining notoriety, being consumed, having too much responsibility.

3. I will get hurt (physically)

The stress of its make me sick; it might kick up my ulcer; I will have a panic attack; I will not able to breathe.

4. I will get hurt (emotionally/psychologically)

They will not like me, I will be rejected, I will be excluded, I will be embarrassed, I will not able to cope, I will make a fool of myself, my mate will leave me.

5. The unknown

I do not know what will happen, I do not know what to expect, I will not able to cope with what happens, I will not know what to do.

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