Top 8 Hazardous Materials for Relationships and Love

Hazardous Materials for Relationships and Love

Broken Relationship

1. Negative Images

Don’t cloud your corner with unhappy thoughts. Pictures of ex-lovers, icebergs, limp noodles, riots, or the Hindenburg explosion won’t foster loving thoughts. Thoughts are energy too, very much related to the energy of love.

2. Unfriendly Stuff

Cactus, Venus flytraps, and stink weed plants do not a loving statement make. Lose the medieval weapon collection too.

3.  Frigid Stuff

The air conditioner and refrigerator are working against you if you want a hot love life.

4. Negative Stuff

If you are stuck with a twin bed for now, at least invest in guest pillow. Lose the photos of yourself alone in this corner. Take a look around and se if you have surrounded yourself with single symbols – especially art.

5. Games

You don’t want to be playing games in your relationship, do you?

6. Uncleanliness

Creating a loving energy is difficult when dust balls fingernail clippings and old Twinkle wrappers clutter your corner.

7. Storage

That space under the bed looks like the perfect place to tuck away holiday wrapping paper, skis and suitcases, but if you are looking for a relationship without a lot of baggage, clean it out. Having the area under your bed stuffed with stuff is the monster that make us have bad dreams as adults.

8. Distractions

If your television is in the relationship corner, it may be getting in between you and your mate. If your computer is there, you may be more interested in surfing Net than booggie-boarding with a loved one.

If anythings must stay. however, drape them, when not in use, with a nice fabric befitting the Relationship corner. The color cobalt blue is said to have EMF-negating properties, which may be a good idea for all those computer cords and screens.

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