Top Ten Tips for Talking

Communication Better

The quality of your communication can be assessed by the response to what you have said. If communication is poor, then you cannot assume people to understand what you are trying to say.

Top Ten Tips for Talking
There are some simple rules to follow, whether you are chatting to individual or group.

1. You should know what you say.

2. You should believe in your communication.

3. You should what the audience wants to hear.

It is also significant to:

4. Be aware of the key messages and outcomes.

5. Avoid jargon.

6. Use gestures and makes eye contact.

7. Use pace, pause, tone, speed, and emphasis.

8. Ask questions.

9. Inject some humor.

10. Use stories and anecdotes.

In some professional presentation, you could use melody, flip charts, and other props to make it more memorable. Make sure you get the pre=frame (the summary of what you’re doing to talk about) right.

Note: Use humor
If it’s appropriate, inject some fun into your presentation. It will help people remember you next time.

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