Winner Take All

If you approach to conflict has been to win at all costs, then that cost could be very high for you in the long run.

We’ve all met them – the people who have to win the debate, trump the argument and put down all the opposition for the sheer enjoyment of being right.

And just as we learn when we drive in traffic, you may have the right-of-way to make that right turn, but the guy speeding toward you may not care – and you end up with the honor of being dead right. Wow! How useful!

Winning at all costs in a short-term and shortsighted strategy. Sure, you might win in the heat of battle, but you could have a lot of carnage on the battlefield, and wounds that will never heal with some people.

In Short, the winner does not take all – but eisks losing a lot in the run-long.

Winning at all costs in a conflict is a shortsighted strategy

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