Juara Beach Pulau Tioman Trip 2014 – Part 2

My 3 Days 2 Nights Trip Pahang State [Malaysia]

Day 2

Wakeup around 7 am and took our Breakfast by the beach.

Shawnliv having breakfast at Juara Beach ResortChinese fried noodles, char kway teow, fried eggs and sausages.
The foods are normal but the excellent sea view.

After breakfast, our next main activity was snorkeling trip to coral island and marine park tour (RM90 per pax). By the way, snorkeling trip are included in our hotel packages beside snorkeling equipment. The cost of rental for life jacket RM8, mask RM9 and fins RM8.

Coral Island TiomanClick it to get full size

According to Trip advisor article, Coral Island, a small island away from Tioman, is also known as Pulau Tulai. It is a very famous site for snorkeling and diving activities especially when it is still very much pristine compared to other beach sites. It is crystal clear with fair sands and coral beds stretching out to the ocean. There are many colourful corals and marine life to observe here. It is always an adventure here on the paradise island.

Coral Island
Coral ISland Tioman Crystal clear

No photo taken during the snorkeling, as the waterproof film camera for rent was not available at that resort. However, the view will be imprinted into our memory. After enjoy white sand beach, we heading back to resort for lunch.

Lunch at Juara Beach Resort Tioman

After lunch, walk to Juara Turtle Project. It is a pretty good place to stop by in Juara.

According to Juara Turtle Project, the main purpose aim to develop highly considerate practices regarding Sea Turtles and environment in and around Kg Juara and Tioman Island, while also creating a research database of the natural life on and around Tioman Island for use as reference and as support for protection of Tioman’s ecosystems. They gave a small presentation before showing us the turtles if we donate more than RM10 per person. The presentation is about how the sea turtle live and how to preserve them as well as the current situation.

Turtle Project Juara TiomanClick it to get full size

In brief, Juara Turtle Project create awareness, education, outreach nest protection, research and data collection

Juara Turtle Project 2014Click it to get full size

In short, the presentation allow us to understand the threats and issues for sea turtles such as large-net fishing, egg collection, effects of development, in rubbish, global warming, speed boats, consumption of turtle meat, turtle rides, over fishing, and sale of turtle shell to name a few.

How to help with JTP? Get Involved (1) Volunteer with JTP (2) Donate (3)Support- With group, school or business. For more information, visit their official website: http://www.juaraturtleproject.com/

Nest Protection
Nest Protection Juara Tioman
Click it to get full size


Next Met with Jo! A blind green turtle born in 2006. Accordingly, Jo did not manage to go to the ocean due to her blind. Consequently, she will not able to survive in the ocean or on land. Therefore, the volunteers have to kept and take care of Jo.

Shawnliv and Joe at Juala Turtle Project TiomanAfter say good-bye to Jo, heading back to Juara Beach resort.

Back to resort (The Juara Beach view)

View Juara Beach Resort

The Jetty view

Jetty View Tioman Juara

Hit back to the beach again
Hit Juara Beach Again

BBQ Dinner
BBQ Dinner at Juara Beach Resort
BBQ Dinner around 7.30 pm (Fried Rice, fried squid, chicken wing, fish and etc)

After dinner, go to bed early, as we have to wake up early for sunrise.

End of Day 2

Day 3
It is enough to wake up a bit before 6:30 am to see the sunrise run on the beach.

Sunrise Juara
Sunrise at Juara Beach Resort Tioman, Pahang Malaysia
Click it to get full size

Meanwhile, eating breakfast and enjoy a sunrise.

Breakfast Seaview Juara Beach

After breakfast, we have about 1 hour time to pack our luggage and heading back to Tekek Village by 4-wheel car. Reach Tekek jetty around 11pm and wait for another hour to board. Last, we manage to depart around 12:30pm.

Ticket back from Tioman to MErsing

Good Bye Tioman
Good Bye Tioman

As a whole, really enjoyed this trip with my love. It is truly a memorable trip.

The End

Juara Beach Pulau Tioman Trip 2014 – Part 1

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