Expressing Your Purpose in All Your Life Domains

The Purpose of Life It is easy to think of purpose in relation to work and home. But these are only two of eight domains, or areas, of your life. And your purpose will flow through every part of your life. If your purpose shows...

Top 10 Fear to Change

The reason of Change 1. Because of the fear of the unknown we are afraid of change. 2. Change is to give up what we are now to become what we could be. 3. Without change, there will be no growth. Without growth you begin...

Who Says That Money Is Evil?

Money = Evil? Another common, limiting belief is that “Money is evil”. Those who make this statement are generally poor people, conservative thinkers, and perhaps your peers. How true is that statement? Please follow and like us:

Realize that You Are Born To Win

You were born to WIN There are times when you may wonder how to cope when you are stuck. You need to begin with the right mindset. You need to realize that you were born to win in this world. Please follow and like us:

The Meaning of Life

You Don’t Have to Know the Meaning of Life to Enjoy It Fully Even since beings developed the abilities to reason and explore, they have searched for the big secret. Philosophers, scientists, and the theologians alike have been searching for the undisputable answer to the...

How to Deal with Fear and Worry

Studies have shown that all the things we worry about in life: 87% never happen 7% actually occur 6% you will have some influence over the outcome Please follow and like us: