The Five Elements Characteristics and Directions

Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth.

Your Element type is likely to influence your choice of home and the direction in which it faces.


Direction: Fire types like to live in south-facing homes and should use reds and oranges as main colors in decoration and dress.

Characteristic: Adventurer, loves change, hates boredom, and should avoid heat.


Direction: Water types should face north and use dark blues and black

Characteristic: The thinker,loves knowledge and intellectual pursuits, hates to be vulnerable, and should avoid cold


Direction: Earth types should live on centrally placed homes and use yellow and ocher

Characteristic: The Diplomat loves people and to be use, hates being ignored, should avoid damp


Direction: Wood types should face east and use green

Characteristic: The explorer, loves to be busy and purposeful, hates to lose and should avoid windy places.


Direction: Metal types should face west and use white, sliver, gray

Characteristic: Catalyst, loves to precise and controlling, hates disorder and clutter, and should avoid dryness

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