Vietnam Hanoi and Ha long Bay Travel December 2013 – Part 3

Vietnam Hanoi and Ha long Bay December – Day 3: Ha Long Bay

After Hotel breakfast, leave Ha Noi to Ha Long City by bus. On average, it took about 3 hours to reach there due to the 40km/hr for bus.
Hanoi Bus

Hạ Long Bay, a popular travel destination, located in Quảng Ninh Province, Vietnam. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a beautiful bay with just under 2,000 majestic limestone-cliff islands scattered around the bay. According to the legend, the bay was created by a dragon who was sent by the gods to help protect Vietnam in times of war. After the fighting had ended, the dragon built his home in the bay.

After 3 hours, on arrival at the wharf and jetty, it was a cold and a rainy day.
Ha Long Bay wharf

Ticket to the cruise
Ha Long Bay wharf

We took a small boat to the cruise; it took less than 10 minutes to the Luxury Imperial cruise.

“The Luxury Imperial Cruise”
The Luxury Imperial Cruise
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Luxury Imperial Cruise, a traditional wooden sail boat, which travels along Ha long Bay in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Overall, The cruise was clean, well tended and the staffs were extremely friendly.
Ha Long Bay

Check into our cabin
The Luxury Imperial Cruise
Windows View of Ha Long Bay

After check into our cabin, enjoy our lunch of savory local seafood

lunch of savory local seafood
1 hour later, heading to the Sung Sot Cave “Amazing Cave” for a walk through.

Ha Long BayHa Long Bay

Sung Sôt “Surprise Cave”

Sung Sôt or “Surprise Cave” is on Bo Hòn Island, and situated in the centre of the UNESCO World Heritage area. It actually got its name from the French, who called it grotte des surprises, or grotto of surprises. Accordingly, it is one of the largest and most beautiful caves. It covers an area of 10 000 square meters at an altitude of 25m.
Sung Sôt “Surprise Cave”
We are following the step path under shady trees to reach the cave. About 50 steps to the opening of the cave.

Sung Sôt “Surprise Cave”
View from the Amazing Cave

Ha Long Ba View from Sung Sôt Surprise CaveClick for original size
Ha Long Ba View from Sung Sôt Surprise Cave
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Walk around The first Chamber of Amazing Cave
Sung Sôt Surprise Cave

Spectacular Stalactites and stalagmites of Sung Sot Cave. The amazingly to see the thin rays of sun light from the small opening far

Sung Sôt Surprise CaveClick for Original Size


Sung Sôt Surprise Cave
Way back to the port
Sung Sôt Surprise Cave
Sung Sôt Surprise Cave

Next, experience the beauty of Ha long Bay and spend time engaging in outdoor activity “kayaking”.
Ha Long BayAs the rain was getting heavier, we all decided to back to the cruise.

After return to the cruise, enjoy the great view from our room windows.
Ha Long Bay
Last, Dinner and overnight in Imperial Junk Boat
Ha Long Bay Dinner

The food was normal but above what we expected it to be. As a whole, stay with the Luxury Imperial Cruise Ha long was one of my unique experiences in Vietnam.

End of Day 3

Vietnam Hanoi and Ha long Bay Travel December 2013
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