Eat to combat Stress – Part II

Healthy eating – The Top 7 Poisons

What’s your poison?


How often do you consume the following?
1. Salt
2. Coffee
3. Alcohol
4. Saturated fats – butter, full cream milk, red meat
5. Processed food (those made in a factory)
6. Hydrogenated fats (in pies, some spreads and other processed food).
7. Fizzy drinks

Note: If you have three or more of these everyday of the week you may be building up health problems for the future.

What they are not good for ya
Too much salt – can raise blood pressure.

Coffee– has many effects but caffeine can raise blood pressure, make you more uptight and keep you awake.

Alcohol – stimulates you in the short-term, but depresses you in the long-term and can can lead to addiction.

Saturated fats – builds up unhealthy cholesterol in the arteries, leading to heart disease and strokes.

Processed foods – these contain salt, sugar and many unwanted E numbers that could be making your hyper.

Hydrogenated fats – they stop your body absorbing healthy nutrients.

Fizzy drinks – contain a variety of man-made chemicals such as flavorings, colorings and sweeteners, sugar and caffeine.

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