Feng Shui:The Four Compass Directions

The Four Compass Directions : East, South, East, North

The four compass directions are very important in feng shui. Each has its own characteristics and it is important to know them
– and in which direction your house faces
– to understand what is happening to the energy reaching you.

Dong Nan Xi Bei


West is an area of unpredictability, even danger. It contains warfare and potential violence. West’s color white, its element is metal, and its animals are dog, rooster, and monkey. Its season is the fall, and the ch’i from the west is unpredictable.


South represents luck, the summer, fame and fortune, hapiness, light, joy, and hope. Its element is fire. The Chinese animals from astrology that favor the south are goat, horse, and snake. Its season is the summer, and the ch’i that comes from south is invigorating.


North represents the hidden, the mysterious, coldness, sleep, ritual, nurture, and caring. North’s color is black. Its element is water. Its animals are pig, rat, and ox. It season is winter, and the ch’i from the north is protective and nurturing


East is protective, cultured, wise, and represents new growth, kindness, and learning. The color of east is green; it element is wood, and its animals are tiger, hare, and dragon. Its season is spring, and the ch’i from the east is expansive and mature.

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