What to Expect When You’re KETO

What To Expect As You Follow KETO After 30 days

1. Fewer cravings
A ketogenic diet will gradually keep you from wanting bad foods.

2. Reduce appetite
It will bring down your appetite because carbs stimulate your appetite.

3. Weight loss
Body holds onto excess water when you eat too many carbs. Therefore, rapid weight loss due to water weight loss, but as you continue, more rapid weight loss due to ketosis fat-burning.

4. Eat all the fat you want, but lose more weight
Eat a diet that is 70 percent fat, 25 percent protein, and only 15 percent carbs will raise your HDL (good) cholesterol and decrease your triglycerides.

5. Decreased risk for metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar (and type 2 diabetes)
Basically, in type 2 diabetes, your body becomes desensitized to the presence of sugar.

6. More muscle equals less fat
By consuming muscle meat and protein, you are building muscle- and therefore increasing your metabolism.

7. Increased gut health
According to Harvard Health Publications, the rush of blood sugar you get when eating a meal or snack of highly refined carbohydrates increases your level of inflammatory messengers called cytokines.

*METABOLISM – is the process by which your body converts the food and drink you consume into energy.

*CYTOKINES – are a broad and loose category of small proteins that are released by cells and affect the behavior of other cells

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