KETO: Ways To Increase Fat Intake

Ways To Increase Fat Intake

It’s not essential that every dish must over 70 percent of fat. You can combine dishes to get the percentages you’re looking for. For instance, a piece of roasted chicken gets about 55% of its calories from fat. But pair it with a green salad with plenty of olive oil, and the percentage for your meal can easily go up to 75 percent.

Fat is a very concentrated source of nutrients; 2 tablespoons (28g) of butter or (28ml) oil will have 200 calories or more. They’ll quell your hunger but most of us want to eat more than that. Yet, you don’t want to blow past either your carb limit or your protein requirement. How to get a full plate of food? Think water and fiber. Both water and fiber contribute no calories, no carbs, no protein, to your meal, yet they can expand your portions deliciously to satisfying proportions.

As a whole, always make use of naturally high-fat foods: nuts, bacon, avocados, olives, fatty cheeses, heavy and sour cream, and full-fat coconut milk all add flavor and texture to your meals along with the fat you seek.

Low-carb vegetables are largely water and fiber and make the great fat-delivery system–salads with plenty of oil or mayonnaise, vegetable with butter, celery stuffed with pate or blue cheese dip. You get the picture: serve your vegetable with FAT. Interestingly, this will greatly enhance your body’s absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants.

Choose fatty cuts of the meat-pork shoulder or spare ribs, chicken and turkey dark meat with the skin on, beef ribeye, chick, and brisket, 70/30 ground beef instead of the pricey 90/10 stuff, and of course everybody’s favorite, bacon. If you’re choosing a lower fat protein- fish, chicken breast, or the like- again, use fatty sauce and add a salad or vegetable with fatty dressing on the side or have a high-fat, sugar-free dessert.

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